Today’s Reflection from Father Dave

Yesterday was strange! That is how I began my first reflection three weeks ago, at the cancelation of Sunday mass. I concluded that I believe this will be our finest hour. Now three weeks later my tune has not changed, even though everything else seems to be changing daily.

We moved into the “big house” instead of the chapel for live streaming of Palm Sunday, and with it came music. Keeping in mind the protocols for everyone’s safety the question arose: “How do we distribute palms?” Thus began the most interesting Palm Sunday morning of my priesthood. When Bill, Fr. Samuel, and I walked out the front doors, a line of cars more than a block long stood waiting. This was the best kind of strange, and for the next two hours my heart, soul, and spirit were overflowing as our faith was alive and present in so many.

Cars of family members, some returning after delivering to neighbors who could not get out, flowed by. In the cars were young people home from college, this being their big excursion outside for the weekend. Then there were the supplies. The amount of hot chocolate and food delivered was truly amazing. I mentioned to Bill, “Now you see why it is so difficult to lose weight in this parish.” People even dropped off their Sunday envelopes, and my makeshift palm distributor became a collection basket.

It was a good morning. Later I gathered with my siblings, nephews, and nieces for Happy Hour, a tradition started by my parents. At 5:00 p.m. everyday my parents sat down with an Old Fashioned and put on some music, with a simple rule: kids could be seen but not heard. My little brother resurrected this tradition, and 32 screens filled up my chromebook as the family gathered. Finally technology came up with an invention that comes in handy with my family: the mute button!

So dear friends, three weeks later and Sunday is still strange, but it is good for the times we are living in. Please be safe.

In Faith, Hope, and Love,

Father Dave