It takes several different people with many talents to lead the parish. All councils and committees work with the Pastor to advise and support the decisions made. All are voluntary positions with members serving terms of up to 6 years.

Finance Council

Canon (Church) Law requires that every parish have a Finance Council to collaborate with the parish leadership in directing the financial and temporal matters of the parish. The Finance Council is an advisory rather than a decision-making group, although a pastor is free to expand the Council’s influence through delegation and consensus building. Council members normally serve a term of three years and should have some background in business and/or finances. Finance Councils should be active members of the parish and may not be employed by the parish or preschool.

Current Finance Council Members
  • Roger Flores – Chair
  • Lynda Brouchoud
  • Justin Gibson
  • Colton Daines
  • Anne Campbell
  • Ed Cox

Archdiocese of San Francisco Finance Council Guidelines April 2013

Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a group of parishioners selected from the parish community to act as an advisory body to the pastor/administrator and through him to the parish staff. The Parish Pastoral Council strives to develop the Christian commitment of the parishioners and to support the ongoing development of the parish.
In this effort the Pastoral Council is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Promote a caring and active faith community
  • Enable full participation of all parishioners in the life of the parish
  • Collaborate with the Pastoral Staff to see that the needs of parishioners are served
  • In consultation with the Pastor, formulate goals, objectives, and policies for the parish
  • Suggest strategies and plans to assist parish ministries and organizations to achieve their goals
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of parish ministries and goals

The normal term for Parish Pastoral Council members is three years and may be renewed with the approval of the pastor/administrator.

St. Matthias Pastoral Council By-Laws, August 2016

Current Pastoral Council Members
  • Mariano Dagang
  • Jeri Daines
  • Marti Engh
  • Jason Klein
  • Karen Rende
  • Teresa Anthony