Today’s Reflection from Father Dave

“The good in Good Friday is like the good in good-bye, a painful contradiction. It is Jesus’ farewell to the world.” (Pat Marrin)

Yesterday, I got a later start on my walk, but that had an advantage as I saw more people. Along the way I met one of our parishioners and while keeping “social distancing protocols” I asked how the family was holding up. His reply was wonderful, and it became my thought for reflection.

As the family was trying to make sense of all that was happening, the question was: “What’s the purpose? Why do we need to stay inside?” The family has settled on living out the response to this by asking the question everyday: “For whom are you doing this?” It might be for the nurses and doctors, the first responders, for your grandparents. Each day this is the question, “For whom are you doing this?”

What was the purpose of Good Friday if not for love? A love so deep, so unconditional, a love worth dying for. If not for that, it makes no sense. We are fortunate that we know how things turned out. For Good Friday does not make sense if not for Easter. Yet Jesus did not have that same luxury of foresight. He went to the cross out of complete love; He gave Himself completely. “He loved His own in the world, and He loved them to the end.” (John 13:1)

We are presently in a time of unknowing. Just what will be the cost for us? How we come out of this crisis is so very key to our faith. How determined are we to live as Jesus has shown us these last few days by His suffering, death, and resurrection?

Ask yourself: “For whom are you doing this?”

Your Wandering Pastor,
Fr. Dave