Today’s Reflection from Father Dave

“Got to feed my fish today…we have six…their names are Sync, Blubby, Fish-fish, Noodle, and Burple…they are Tetras…Mine is named Sync.” So said a text message I received from a young parishioner.

A few days ago I began writing these daily reflections just as an outlet, as suddenly I found myself without a Sunday community and no mass. These writings have now become a regular part of my Lenten practice. (I’m not a big fan of writing; just ask our bulletin editor.) They’ve become a way to keep connected to my parishioners in this time of “social distancing.”

I find that phrase very misleading, as we are called to physically distance ourselves from one another, but now more than ever we need to reach out and share what is going on in our isolations. A simple message shared on social media can change an entire day.

It is ironic that in the season of Lent many had planned to sacrifice social media as part of their Lenten practices, and now they take to it more than ever. All of us without exception do one thing the same: we push the “share icon” in whatever we have written or read. We SHARE. In this time more than ever before it becomes very important to remember: SHARE.

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation when God first announced to Mary the fulfillment of His dream to share his only begotten Son with us. Just think, exactly 3 months ago the churches were packed (no “social distancing” at that time). Families were together; students were home for the break, and handshakes, hugs, and kisses were the norm. This Feast of the Annunciation is where it all began. Now in these trying times, in the very midst of our Lenten season, families are together; our churches are empty; we are told to keep distant from one another: “Don’t touch. Wash your hands.” Yet the message of this feast day is that God desires to share His Son with us. It would take the “yes” of Mary, a young person, to make this a reality.

Sometimes we struggle and wonder where God is in all this darkness. God is with us, Emmanuel, we proclaimed just 3 months ago. That has not changed, and today we proclaim the name Jesus, God Saves. Remember, God’s message of salvation came through the promise of Mary to share God’s love with the world.

My day was made brighter, more hopeful, in the message of a young parishioner: “Got to feed the fish today.”

So I continue to share, in Faith, Hope, and Love.
Fr. Dave