The Cross I Carry

On my morning walk between the churches of St. Charles and St. Matthias I carry two crosses. One is the cross given to me by my father (more on that later), the other a small comfort cross carried on my pilgrimages. This cross was made by Phil, a parishioner. During pilgrimage hikes this cross is normally in my pocket although it is made and its purpose is to cradle in one’s hand. This is because hiking poles are often in use. But on these morning walks poles are not needed and I can carry the cross.

By accident I discovered a wonderful gift with the cross in my hand. I carry it in my right hand as it seems to nestle there quite nicely. When I meet someone my natural instinct is to reach out to greet them but the cross reminds me of the need presently for social distancing. When someone drives by and recognizes me, usually tooting the horn, I once again instinctively raise my hand in a wave. Such a small object made with care and love cradled in my hand being raised as if imparting a blessing. The presence of our Lord is ever with us, but especially in these trying times.

I have been asked when the churches are open and I am trying to keep to a schedule of opening St. Charles by 7:00 a.m. and then start the walk through the neighborhoods to open St. Matthias before 8:00 a.m. They stay open until at least 4:00 p.m. as it is a little harder to plan late afternoon. Hand sanitizer is right inside the door to use, so please keep safe. I and some brave souls continue to try and put the daily mass online but no promises as we work through some issues.

If you see me walking by give out a shout so I may raise my hand in prayer and blessing.

In faith, hope, and love, your Wandering Padre.

Fr. Dave

P.S. Attempts are being made to livestream daily Mass tonight at 5:00 pm via St. Charles Parish Facebook page.