AAA (Archdiocesan Annual Appeal) 2017

AAA (Archdiocesan Annual Appeal) 2017

St. Matthias will kick off the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal for 2017 on the weekend of February 25-26th. Here is the letter that will be mailed to all parishioners:

The Church has always depended on sacrifices from its members to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, educate our youth and care for our elderly. The Archdiocesan Annual Appeal is an important way for each of us to contribute to the work of the Church throughout the Archdiocese. Through our gifts to the Appeal, we truly respond to the needs of the least among us and in turn serve Jesus himself.

We are asking for your generous support to the 2017 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal. The Annual Appeal helps to fund many ministries and services within our Archdiocese. These worthy ministries and services support the work of Christ throughout our Archdiocese in the areas of:

  • Teaching the faith
  • Spreading the faith
  • Celebrating the faith
  • Witnessing the faith

For more information about the AAA, please visit On this site, you may view a video about the work that is accomplished through your donations. You can also make online donations.

Thank you for your support.