Our Call to Family and Pastoral Care


“The family is experiencing a profound cultural crisis, as are all communities and social bonds. In the case of the family, the weakening of these bonds is particularly serious because the family is the fundamental cell of society, where we learn to live with others despite our differences and to belong to one another; it is also the place where parents pass on the faith to their children.” The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis I, n. 66

Family Support Group

Members of this group provide support to the parish community in the following ways:

  • Give support at the time of sickness or death
  • Send cards to parishioners who are ill or lose a family member
  • Visit the homebound and bring Communion on request
  • Assist at funerals in planning and hospitality
  • Facilitate the All Saints Remembrance of the Dead
  • Sponsor the Funeral Planning Seminar
  • Help with the Communal Anointing of the Sick
St. Matthias Preschool
Eucharistic Ministers
Visiting the Sick/Homebound
Rides to Church