About Us

St. Matthias Church is a Catholic Christian community nestled in the Emerald Hills area of Redwood City. our parish community includes about 850 registered families, a vibrant social justice committee which is engaged in a variety of local organizations and activities. We feature an intergenerational and family-based faith formation program which includes all ages and all walks of life in our monthly G.I.F.T. gatherings. We also have a full-day, year round, Catholic Preschool whose enrollment is about 90 children. We are included in Deanery 11 – Southern San Mateo County and are part of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Mission Statement

St. Matthias is a community of Christians learning to respond to the call of Jesus. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, parishioners seek to help each other live the Christian life by example, service, and worship.

St. Matthias is associated with other parishes of the Archdiocese of San Francisco under the direction of the Archbishop. Through local pastoral leadership, parishioners seek to live the gospel and promote the Kingdom of God as proclaimed in the scriptures.

The spirit and generosity of the actively involved families give witness to their commitment to St. Matthias. They desire good liturgy, scripture study, prayer groups, ongoing education, spiritual nourishment for their children, social gatherings and a strong sense of community. St. Matthias parishioners reach out to the needy and search out ways to respond with care to others.

A particularly unique feature of this small parish of St. Matthias is its welcoming atmosphere in which others are invited to join and feel at home.