About Us

St. Matthias Church is a Catholic Christian community nestled in the Emerald Hills area of Redwood City. our parish community includes about 925 registered families, a vibrant social justice committee which is engaged in a variety of local organizations and activities. We feature an intergenerational and family-based faith formation program which includes all ages and all walks of life in our monthly G.I.F.T. gatherings. We also have a full-day, year round, Catholic Preschool whose enrollment is about 90 children. We are included in Deanery 11 – Southern San Mateo County and are part of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Mission Statement

St. Matthias is a Roman Catholic Community striving to respond to the call of Jesus through worship and sacraments, faith formation, service & social opportunities.

Under the guidance of the pastor and pastoral staff, we seek to strengthen current lay leadership and develop and empower new leadership.

Although a small parish, we commit ourselves and parish programs to hospitality, generosity to those in need, and outreach to all those seeking a faith community.

As Catholics, we recognize the many challenges facing the Church but we trust in the Holy Spirit to guide us into the future.

(November 2013)